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【50%OFF!】 「静かな森」 -videomachete.org

【50%OFF!】 「静かな森」 -videomachete.org

【50%OFF!】 「静かな森」 -videomachete.org

輸送 / 機械工学 / 建築および公共事業 - cjki.org

a scroll compressor (1) is provided with fluid deflection inhibiting weights (81, 82, 83) for inhibiting the deflection of a crank shaft (40) in the fluid load direction.

機械工学 - wipo.int

disclosed is a wave gear device (1) for setting the flexible state of the principal section (30) of a flexible external gear in a non-deflection state (at a deflection coefficient &kappav; = 1).

機械工学 - wipo.int

the purpose of the invention is to perform correction of a contour deformation attributable to a tire deflection on tire contour measurement data in order to correctly perform a visual inspection on a tire having deflection.

機械工学 - wipo.int

when the deflection of the elastic plate member (10) is released, the elastic plate member is returned from the deflected state to the original state while generating small impact noise and vibration.

その他の産業 - wipo.int

the backlight chassis resists deflection as a whole.

自然科学および応用科学 - wipo.int
化学 - cjki.org

the first bending axis and the second bending axis extend so that the engagement protrusion is located between the first bending axis and the second bending axis.

輸送機関 - wipo.int

the holding member (10b) has a bend piece (16) including a locking part (16c) capable of bending and displacing.

エレクトロニクスおよび電気工学 - wipo.int

the elastic piece section has a long piece section, a turned-back section, a first bending axis, and a second bending axis.

輸送機関 - wipo.int

positioning with satisfactory accuracy can be conducted because there is no bending.

鉄、鉄鋼およびその他の金属産業 - wipo.int

to prevent damage to the inner surface of the test pipe due to bending of the linear member that supports the drift mandrel.

機械工学 - wipo.int

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  • 【50%OFF!】 「静かな森」 -videomachete.org
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    日本語 - 英語 コンテキスト内の翻訳


    the rail retaining device is also provided with a moment generation member which generates a moment that works to correct flexure in the guide rail caused by horizontal loads.

    製造 - wipo.int

    flexure amounts of the anode electrode (4) and the cathode electrode (12) are identical with each other when they flex freely with its own weight and maximum flexure of the electrodes (4, 12) are also identical with each other.

    エレクトロニクスおよび電気工学 - wipo.int

    a pulling part (30) pulls and stretches the bent part (200b).

    機械工学 - wipo.int

    a contact with the optical disc due to warping is eliminated.

    情報技術とデータ処理 - wipo.int

    the external member (17) has: a bendable tube section (24) and a straight tube section (25) having higher rigidity than the bendable tube section (24).

    電気および原子力産業 - wipo.int

    preferably, the step of displaying the partially bent image includes a step of forming the partially bent image by the user performing pinching or spreading as input.

    情報技術とデータ処理 - wipo.int

    the screen mask (12) can be prevented from sagging downward, and accumulation of paste on the screen mask (12) caused by sagging can be prevented.

    コミュニケーション - wipo.int

    thereby, time and effort for maintenance can be reduced.

    コミュニケーション - wipo.int

    the linear grinding material (11a) is difficult to bend in the diagonal direction of the cross-section.

    機械工学 - wipo.int

    the linear grinding material (11b) and the linear grinding material (11c) are difficult to bend in the long direction of the cross-section.

    機械工学 - wipo.int

    a backlight device in which, even if an optical sheet is curved, the nonuniform luminances and shade are prevented or reduced from occurring due to the curve.

    自然科学および応用科学 - wipo.int
    【課題】 タッチパネル用途に適し、小型、軽量で落下耐性が高く、薄型化・生産性を向上した撓み撓み振動型アクチュエータ及びこれを用いた触感フィードバック機能付タッチパネルを提供することにある。

    disclosed is a small, thin, lightweight flexurally vibrating actuator that is suitable for use in a touch panel, is resistant to damage from falling, and provides improved yield.

    情報技術とデータ処理 - wipo.int
    【課題】 タッチパネル用途に適し、小型、軽量で落下耐性が高く、薄型化・生産性を向上した撓み撓み振動型アクチュエータ及びこれを用いた触感フィードバック機能付タッチパネルを提供することにある。

    also disclosed is a force-feedback-equipped touch panel using the aforementioned flexurally vibrating actuator.

    情報技術とデータ処理 - wipo.int

    an implement (20) for training facial muscle is provided with: an elastically deformable flexible portion (21); and a mouth-held portion (24) provided in the center of the flexible portion (21) and held using the lips.

    社会情勢 - wipo.int

    in this vehicle seat, a force-bearing member (40) against which a passenger places his/her back is supported by a seat-back frame (20) of a seat back, via an upper connecting wire (41), so as to be able to deflect forwards and backwards.

    輸送機関 - wipo.int





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